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Talent Show Featured

The Friday Talent Show is our home grown variety show featuring the various talents of Esprit’s attendees. It is the highlight of an evening that begins with cocktails and a full meal served in the Ballroom of the elegant and historic Naval Elks Lodge, a short distance from the Red Lion. Since Esprit 2000, hundreds of attendees have taken to the stage to sing a song, do a skit, maybe some standup comedy or even magic. If you would like to perform, please see the performer guidelines below. We look forward to a fun and entertaining evening for all!

The cocktail hour and dinner are for Esprit attendees only, and then we will open the doors to the general public for the Talent Show at approximately 8:00 pm. A $5.00 donation will be requested at the door, all proceeds will benefit Hospice of Clallam County. There will be a no-host bar serving alcohol, so guests must be 21 years of age. Esprit staff and a local security guard will provide security and screen local guests.

After the talent show you are welcome to linger at the Elks as you ponder the rest of the evening. The transgender band The Nasty Habits will play their edgy 80's dance covers to their throngs of local fans in town at The Metta Room.

One more day left and we are definitely not ending quietly! On Saturday we start by honoring our first time attendees in a special ceremony ...

Esprit Talent Show Performer Guidelines and Production Schedule:

The Esprit Talent Show is a fun and popular event for the performers, attendees and general public. This year’s show is being produced by Julia Lauer, technical director.

We welcome any type of act; acts in the past have included live musical performances, karaoke, stand-up comedy, magic, dramatic performance…the list goes on!

We want the show overall to run about 75 minutes, so to ensure as many acts as possible have time on stage we ask that you limit your act to 5 minutes.  With this limitation, and allowing for changeover and short bits between acts we hope to have time for 9-11 acts to perform.

If you want to perform, here is a general idea of the production schedule and casting process:

  • First... SIGN UP! A sign-up sheet will be posted in the registration lobby. Tell us who you are, what you want to do, and how to contact you.
  • If your act involves playback of any music or other technical needs, please contact the technical director Julia Lauer by using the contact page as soon as possible and get her your media or special requests. If at all possible, please get Julia your media prior to the auditions.
  • You must attend the auditions from about 2:00-4:00pm Thursday in Room 148/Hollywood Beach hospitality suite. You will have a chance to perform your act and update your biographical information. Keep in mind the room is pretty small compared to the Elks stage, so if your act is a big modern dance piece, you might have to pare it down for the audition!
  • The show will be cast and rehearsal times posted by Thursday evening.
  • Those that are cast will be assigned a 20 minute rehearsal time for Friday afternoon.  During this time you will have the chance to rehearse your act a few times, on the Elks stage, and with the sound system so you can get the feel of the stage.
  • Check in with the show staff before dinner. We need to know everybody's there! Now...relax. Enjoy your dinner. Have fun! You'll need to get ready backstage before dinner ends, especially if you're one of the first acts. Maybe have someone save your dessert!
  • Go out there and break a leg!

General specifications:

The stage is about 30' wide X 12' deep. 4 wireless handheld microphones will be available. Straight or boom stands are available. 6 speaker sound system with stage monitor will be provided. If you need props or furniture beyond a chair or maybe a music stand, you are on your own!

Additional needs:

1 or 2 people to volunteer for backstage coordination/stagehand duty would be awesome! Contact the Talent Show Coordinator or the Volunteer Coordinator if you’d like to help out with the show, but don’t want to be onstage. Wear your most fashionable backstage black! You’ll look all cool talking on a headset! No experience necessary!

Additional Info

  • Day of week: Friday