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Rules of Conduct

  1. Presentation: Attendees are required to present a feminine or masculine gender without ambiguity. When presenting as a female, you must be clean-shaven, wearing makeup as needed, and conducting yourself as a proper lady. When presenting as a male, you must conduct yourself as a gentleman and are not allowed to wear exclusively feminine attire (for example, dresses). It is not necessary to stick to one presentation during your entire stay.
  2. Personal interactions: Esprit is both an educational and social event and you may associate with others in mutually agreeable ways. However, behavior that is perceived as offensive or intrusive to Esprit attendees, Esprit officers, hotel staff, or the general public will not be tolerated.
  3. Photo policy: Attendees who desire to not be photographed should request a "no photo" badge icon during registration and alert potential photographers as needed. All camera owners must respect the wishes of those who do not wish to be photographed. [more]

What are the ground rules for socializing and meeting people? Esprit is an educational event and not a pick-up place. However, Esprit is also a place to make new friends and it is perfectly OK to make friends and exchange information in a mutually agreeable way. Esprit occurs on private property, in a public setting, and both the hotel's and Esprit's rules of conduct apply. Offensive or intrusive behavior by attendees or visitors will not be tolerated. [Back to top]

What is the photo policy?

Esprit respects the need of its attendees for confidentiality but recognizes that at an event such as this many photographs will be taken that are outside our control.

Attendees who do not wish to be photographed may request a badge with a "no photos" icon at the Registration Desk to alert prospective photographers. However, this in itself is not a guarantee that other attendees will not photograph them and everyone is asked to be aware and to ask questions if in doubt. Esprit asks that attendees respect the wishes of their fellow attendees, but cannot enforce this policy upon them. Please consider those appearing in the background of your photos as well as your subjects.

With the "no photos" icon, official Esprit photographers and those under our management will respect your wishes. Every effort will be made to avoid you in any photos to prevent them from appearing in any Esprit-produced material. Without the "no photos" icon, your photo may appear in Esprit-related publications such as the Yearbook, on-site multimedia presentations shown during Esprit, and the Esprit web site (we make extra effort to verify the identity and comfort level of people in photos in the web site).

If you are comfortable with your likeness appearing in published media accessible to the public, such as newspaper or magazine articles, release forms are generally offered by the content creators.

At events where the public is invited, signs may be posted asking that no photos at all be taken except by Esprit photographers and attendees. Again, this is only a request as it cannot be enforced. [Back to top]