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Resource providers are carefully chosen by the Esprit committee based on their reputation, expertise, past service, and attendee comments. We have recently strengthened relationships with providers in town and you will find a number of Port Angeles businesses providing various services. You will find all of the providers are easy to talk to and genuinely helpful. The number of resources is intentionally limited to ensure the highest quality and to build a mutually beneficial relationship.

"All these years I have been applying the wrong base colour. We started to talk about wigs and makeup and she suggested that with my complexion, I could wear most colours but blonds and reds would best suit me."

Check the resource biographies for the latest information on what services and products are available. In past years, the following have pretty much always been available:

  • Breast forms and body shapers
  • Makeup (appointments are usually available all day long for makeovers)
  • Jewelry
  • Wig sales, and hair and wig styling
  • Specialty and custom-made clothing (corsets, lingerie, fantasy dresses)
  • Glamour photography

    Resource providers are located in the Resource Area near the Esprit Registration Desk. There are a number of rooms (sometimes called "the Mall") where you can easily browser their services and goods.

    "I asked for some help with putting up my wig for graduation. Christina said to bring it down to her. She demonstrated the technique and helped to put it up...and all for free."

    Accepted forms of payment vary, but checks are generally accepted and some resources are able to accept credit cards. If you need cash, major banks are within a few blocks of the hotel.