Local Press Coverage

The Peninsula Daily News is the daily newspaper serving Washington State's Olympic Peninsula area. Coverage of Esprit is plentiful during the week, with articles typically published on multiple days, special mentions of events that are open to the public, and one year there was even an Esprit fashion spread in the newspaper's weekly magazine insert. A newspaper photographer is often present while the reporters conduct interviews, but they are extremely courteous and always request permission prior to taking photos. The Sequim Gazette in the neighboring city of Sequim published an article in 2005 written by a first-time resource. In 2008, The Seattle Times sent a reporter and a photographer for 2 days to write an article about Esprit which was republished in a number of publications.

We understand and have lived through your concerns about public exposure. Many writers and photographers approach Esprit to ask permission to attend and do their work. If we grant the request, we have strict policies about having a full-time "minder" from the planning committee present while the parties are on site to ensure that subjects have fully consented, that interviewees know exactly who they are talking to, and that cameras remain idle until subjects consent to be photographed. Our full photo policy is here.

Esprit has developed a remarkable relationship with the city of Port Angeles and neighboring communities beginning with our arrival in 1990. Our outreach efforts include speakers' panels that give classroom and public presentations at Peninsula College, active cooperation with organizations such as Rotary, Soroptimists, and the Elks, occasional party events that are open to the public, mutually beneficial arrangements with local stores, and contributions to charities. All of these have been well publicized with positive press coverage over the long relationship between Esprit and Port Angeles.

Articles about Esprit from various years are published with the permission of the respective publications.