Graduation Featured

Graduation night is the culmination of a dramatic, fun, and emotional week for everyone. First-time attendees (including SO's) are honored with a graduation ceremony that recognizes their participation in their first Esprit. The unique combination of a modest number of attendees, a focus on first-timers, and our growth-oriented program means that our graduation ceremony stands out across the many TG conferences out there.

The ceremonies begin with a hosted wine and cheese celebration open to everyone. You can relax, take a breath, and think about the time at Esprit that has passed. Soon thereafter, the graduation ceremony begins. Everyone has an opportunity to say a few words about their experience, but don't plan anything yet...we can guarantee that whatever you think of today, it won't capture what you experience during your time at Esprit.

For questions regarding the Graduation ceremony, you may contact Suzanne Adams.

Additional Info

  • Day of week: Saturday