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The Esprit Yearbook

As you've seen from the rest of our site, Esprit is a jam-packed whirlwind of fun, learning and memories. So much to learn, so much to remember, so many parties, so many friends - just like high school!

Sadly, memories have a habit of fading, email addresses get lost and photos get misplaced or hidden. To keep those memories alive and fresh, Esprit produces a Yearbook packed with pictures, stories and articles that will bring it all back to you. Our photographers and attendees contribute pictures and stories which are compiled into a beautiful book. The book is mailed out to all attendees, resources and presenters in mid-January (and no one else) - just in time to rekindle those memories during the long break between Esprits.

Just like your high school yearbook, we'll take your portrait and include it along with whatever contact info and brief message you want. The individual portraits are an important part of the book so be sure to have your picture taken as early as possible. By taking care of the pictures early, you can retake the picture if you're not happy with it, you avoid schedule conflicts during the hectic closing days of Esprit, and you'll have the peace of mind of knowing that your picture is done.

In addition to the yearbook, "friendship cards" are available during the week from the yearbook photographer. These are business cards that include your yearbook photo and a block of personal information of your choice that your friends can use to contact you. Make sure you order yours early in the week as the printing process is time-consuming. There is a small charge for the cards, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Esprit scholarship fund.

You can also buy reprints of your yearbook photos on photo quality paper in any size you wish. These are mailed to you shortly after Esprit. A portion of the proceeds goes to the Esprit Scholarship fund.

The yearbook is a collection of your memories and pictures. As Esprit draws to a close, think about something to write for the yearbook while your thoughts are still fresh. The sooner the articles and photos are sent to the editor, the sooner the yearbook can be assembled and mailed to everyone.

If you have a digital camera, please bring your memory cards down to the Yearbook Photographer's room. It's the easiest way to contribute your pictures! If you shoot film, please consider having a CD-ROM made of your shots and mailing it in. Contact the Yearbook Editor, for details.

And the best part? There's no charge for the yearbook!