Registration Opens 
New Year's at Midnight


Vendors and Presenters

Arriving and Registering

"As we drove up to the ...Hotel where Esprit was held, we were greeted by a large banner hung over the hotel entryway. The young man at the check-in desk was polite and friendly and didn't care in the least what we looked like or what our names were or weren't."

If you are responsible for a room, you need to register at the hotel's registration desk. Even if you are a guest in someone else's room, you should still make your presence known to the hotel. People routinely call the hotel desk to see if friends have arrived and to contact them by phone. You may give the hotel both your real name and an assumed name and the hotel will check through all names when people ask for you.

The Esprit Registration Desk is separate from the hotel registration desk and is located in the middle of the main hotel wing in the 2nd main foyer. It is staffed by Esprit volunteers but is only open during daytime hours. This is where you check-in and complete your registration for Esprit, get your photo taken for your badge, and receive your information packet. The Registration Desk volunteers are eager to help you get settled and to answer any questions you may have. Even though you may be a bit unnerved, don't be afraid to ask questions.

The Esprit Registration Desk is the heart of Esprit and there you will find official announcements, event sign-up sheets, personal notices, an informal lost and found (don't forget the hotel's official lost and found), tons of flyers from local businesses advertising their services and inviting you to Esprit-only open house events and a continuous crowd of people talking and greeting each other. Adjacent to the Registration Desk is the Hospitality Suite (the Hollywood Beach Room). The Hospitality Suite is open all day while the Registration Desk is open and plays host to the occasional special event but is otherwise available for you to rest, talk, and munch on some snacks.

Your badge is your official Esprit identification and will gain you entry to every Esprit class and will designate the meals to which you are entitled. If you have questions about the few events which require additional payment, please ask. The registrar will review everything with you when you check in.